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Cambridge Core is the home of academic content from Cambridge University Press.

Built with our users in mind our online platform has been designed to help readers and researchers to make fast and easy journeys to a vast range of valuable content. We consulted extensively with almost 10,000 users while developing Cambridge Core to make sure we are providing a platform that meets the needs of our researchers and customers. Cambridge Core is the place to find valuable, useful and inspirational research and academic information. With over 1.8 million journal articles and 46,000+ books, Cambridge Core is the central destination for academic research.

Oxford Academic

Oxford University Press (OUP) is the world’s largest university press with the widest global presence.

As a department of the University of Oxford, OUP furthers the University’s objective of excellence in research, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide. We publish for a range of audiences in print and digital formats that work best for them. For more information about OUP, please visit the Oxford University Press homepage

Our academic publishing program serves scholars, instructors, and researchers, publishing and discovering research across subject areas in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities. Find out more about Oxford Academic content, including our high-profile series and textbooks such as Very Short IntroductionsOxford Medical Textbooks, and Treatments That Work, and our collection of over 500 academic journals.

Taylor and Francis

Taylor & Francis is one of the world’s leading academic publishers – and one of its most enduring.

For more than two centuries Taylor & Francis has been committed to the highest quality scholarly publishing, and this remains our goal today. Our purpose is to foster human progress through knowledge – something we’ve been doing since the Enlightenment. We aim to promote a positive future for everyone through our work.

Our imprints include Taylor & Francis, Routledge, CRC Press, F1000 Research, Dovepress and PeerJ. We’ve published over 145,000 book titles, and we actively publish over 2,700 journals.

Akses ke jurnal berlangganan dapat dilakukan dalam jaringan Internet dan Intranet di Lingkungan UIN Sjech M Djamil Djambek Bukittinggi

Membaca : Jendela Cakrawala

Membaca ialah upaya merekuk makna ikhtiar untuk memahami alam semesta. Itulah mengapa buku disebut jendela dunia, yang merangsang pikiran agar terus terbuka.

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